5th International Conference on Women's Issues in Transportation - Bridging the Gap
14-16 Apr 2014 Paris - La Défense (France)

WIiT2014 gathered more than 200 attendees from 37 countries!

The proceedings of the Conference are now available!


Best paper awards

Pillar 1: Gender appraisal of mobility Patterns and Instances of exclusion for Working Population in Delhi by Tar Jain & Purnima Parida
Pillar 2: Differences in cortical thickness in first-time DWI offenders: a preliminary MRI study by Thomas Brown & al.
Pillar 3: Sustainability transitions and gender in transport sector decisions by Hiselius Lena & al.
Pillar 4: Left holding the baby or increased career opportunities? The gendered consequences of regional enlargement and increased commuting by Christine Hudson

WIiT aim

The 5th WIiT Conference is being organized around the general idea of “bridging the gap” in an effort to identify and address issues specific to women’s use and involvement in the transportation system and to ensure that transportation systems meet women’s needs. The conference will provide an international forum for information sharing and for presenting the latest research findings and policy analyses. The program will feature international officials, keynote speakers, researchers, and practitioners. The aim is to build on the research on women's transportation issues that has been developed over the past decades, and to broaden its perspective by considering women’s issues in transportation with a more balanced perspective - i.e. of women not just as passive recipients of transport services, but as actors in sustainable access and safe mobility research, policy development, governance and oversight, service delivery and business expansion. Additionally, the conference will aim to identify future research needs. 

The Conference will focus on four pillars:

(1) Transport Policy, Transport Patterns and Mobility;

(2) Health, Safety and Personal Security;

(3) Sustainability;

(4) Transportation Impacts on Careers and Careers Impacts on Transportation.

In addition three cross cutting issues will be considered:

(a) Gender Research Issues;

(b) Achieving the Full Traction of Research findings into Policy Making;

(c) Narrowing the gap between Developed Countries and Developing Countries with respect to women’s issues in transportation.


Documents to download:

25 portraits of wmen and quiz

Flyer distributed during the gala dinner


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The Conference proceedings are now available:

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